Sunday, July 20, 2014

Shout out to the line of the weekend

Special thanks to the Cook's for packing up their SUV and heading our way for a visit.

It was a whirlwind road trip for them, so I was happy to have them stay with us on Friday and Saturday night.  I feel pretty spoiled to have had so much Emmett and Kayleigh cuddle time.  Emmett was born on Father's Day and Kayleigh was three in March.  Very brave of JC and Sarah to make the trip.

Thanks to everyone that came over on Saturday to meet Emmett and hang with the old 'Nog crew.  It's like no time at all has past when we get together and talk about bar flies that came to the pub like it was their job, those that quit when Esther took the radio away, and those that have grown to be crazy successful Entrepreneurs.

Although most of my special peeps are born and raised in this area, I wasn't.  I have the Tir Nan 'Og to thank for all my amazing friends.  It's funny the places that become so important, even though you don't realize it at the time.  Memories of Summer '03 will always live on...especially with Esther's amazing memory.

This weekend may be the highlight of my whole summer.  Friends and babies!  Just can't be beat.

Meet Emmett...the newest edition to JC and Sarah's, already beautiful family.  After talking to Sarah about how life is with Emmett and how the delivery was, she gave a Shout Out to the Pilgrims for delivering babies without drugs or any help at all.  I couldn't help but laugh.  Just didn't expect that to come from her!  

And now meet Kayleigh...the Princess on the Carriage...or...the Driver of the Kubota...

Then we have Kayleigh, playing the dirt we sifted from the driveway this summer...

Then we have Kayleigh who decided cleaning off in the pool just wasn't worth it.  She was hungry!

Enter...Ben...who wasn't at the house more than 2 minutes before he wanted his Dad to take him to the Loader and show him the Back Hoe.  A Man's Man.

He agreed with Kayleigh...getting cleaned off just wasn't important.  It would have been easier to clean him off, if he had just stayed naked.  

Finally, today we took a walk and 4-Wheeler ride to the field to pick and eat Black Caps and play on the new hay bales.

It was a great weekend!

Friday, July 4, 2014

July 1st Garden update

We have seen a lot of growth in the last few weeks in the garden.  One day I might do some kind of digital scrapbook to see the weekly growth.  For now, I can just look back to June 14th when I last showed an update not the garden.

Ryan's new method of heavy mulch is paying off, big time.  Very few weeds to pick and you can tell the ground is retaining the water.  We got some good rain a couple weeks ago, but it has been really hot and dry for the last week or so.

Beans and new broccoli, lower garden
Broccoli upper garden

Green Peppers
Romaine lettuce on the right, celery on the left

Lower garden tomatoes
New lettuce
Two rows of peas with sweet edible pods
New lettuce in the flower garden
Tomatoes in the Lower Garden
Tomatoes in the Upper Garden

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Huggable Hoodie's almost an arm

Although the Canada Day weekend was filled start to finish, I did find time for a lot more knitting than I expected to.  

The sleeve is making awesome progress.  This might actually be a sweater I can wear this winter.  Maybe.

I believe in SMART goals.  Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time Based

So, here goes with the goal.

The goal will be to complete the Huggable Hoodie arms (both of them), by Labour Day weekend.

I will start the front and hoodie pieces after Labour Day.  I will plan to have the entire sweater assembled and wearable by Christmas.  That gives me almost 6 months.  For super fast knitters and retirees, this may seem too easy.  For will be a challenge, but I think it's both realistic and achievable.

Wish me luck!

Might go quicker without the drink beside me :)