Saturday, August 30, 2014

Days 128 - 123

Not sure how, but I missed a day.  Day 129.


Day 128 was a Puppy Day.  Sydney and I went for a 4.4km walk.  She hates the leash so the first 5 minutes was a super struggle.  After that, we went quickly enough that she needed to give in.  Bad shoes though.  My shins hurt for 4 days.

Day 127:  Not a great day.  Had my Wasp Venom shots, so the best I could was celebrate another needle with the equivalent of 2 wasp stings.  On the upside...great day to catch up on sleep.  Out by 7pm.

Day 126: This is super sad celebration day.  It was a work day, start to finish. So the celebration was the delicious beef hoagie I had for dinner.

Day 125:  Lots today!  Finished my work day at the Lift Locks Driving Range.  Went for a walk around Peterborough.  Passed some super cool street art.  I'm thinking Day 125 made up for 167/127 and even maybe 129 that I missed.

Day 124: Another 4.4km walk with Sydney.  This time with new runners that won't hurt my shins.  My next goal is going to be to set a number of kilometres that I want to hit for Sept.  Still thinking of the magic number.

Day 123:  Today.  First celebration was voluntarily getting up at 5am.  Checked out the stars, then watched the sun rise and took some nice morning pictures.  Second celebration: a 45 minute mid-day snooze.  Finished the celebrations with watching Frozen with one of my favourite 3yr year olds.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Day 130: Inverary Golf Course

What a great way to spend Day 130.  7am wake up, 7:30 in the car, 8:05 on the Inverary Golf Course.

The front nine was not my best round, but the back nine!  WATCH OUT!

It usually only takes a couple good shots in a full round to make me happy.  Today I had so many shots that made me happy.  One even made me squeal!

Two par's on Par 4's.  One chip in from the rough from 35 feet (hear me squeal here), and one huge 15 foot putt.

If I could only explain how BAD I did on the PAR 3's.  Meh...this is about celebrating the good things, not the "not so good".  LOL

Feeling good about today!

That was FUN!

The beginning of fall has the younger trees turning color already.  My absolute favourite season for so many reasons.

1.  The colours
2.  Jeans
3.  Sweaters
4.  Scarves
5.  Autumn decorations 
6.  Veggie Harvest
7.  No more air conditioning
8.  Cool evenings

I'm sure there are more reason why I love fall, but that's a solid start.

Another random heart found in a broken leaf on the golf ball today.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Days 135 - 131

Day 135:  Pretty quiet day so I found some rest time to get a bunch of knitting rows in.  This Hoodie is ticking along really well.  I'm a little bored of it, but I won't be when I am picking out which scarf to wear with it in the winter.

Day 134:  It was a toss up today.  I got some quality time in at the Driving Range after work, and then decided to dust off my acoustic guitar.  Admittedly, the range went MUCH better!  The tips of my fingers still hurt, and it's day 130.  LOL.

Day 133: Took a trip to Ottawa today for work, and squeezed in some cuddle time with Rhys.  He is 5 weeks old and already smiling.

Day 132:  This is a sad one.  Picked up a new vacuum, and that was the biggest celebration for the day.  With three dogs, and a broken vacuum....maybe you can appreciate my happiness.

Day 131:  Slept in.