Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spring Clean up

With the weather we have had this year, the minute sun comes out I want to play outside.

Today was a perfect temperature with very little wind, but it has started to cloud over and we are expecting a good soak tonight.

Happy to report we have grass and just a little bit of snow left.

Many things on tap this weekend, lets start from the beginning.

My Paradise Fibres Yarn order arrived yesterday!

80% cotton and 20% merino.  Not super soft but I can tell by the swatch that the lace pattern will hold it's shape very well.

I've been waiting since the end of March for this to get here and I was very excited last night to start my swatch.   The pattern calls for 16 stitches over 4 inches on 4.5mm needles.

Last night, with a cup of tea and very clean hands (the new yarn is white), I started the swatch and am I ever happy I did.  WAY OFF!  20 stitches.

So, I have started swatch #2 on 5.5mm needles.  I really hope I don't need to go down to the 5mm needles because my Huggable Hoodie is on that needle size from my Addi Turbo Circular needle set.  I'll do the switch if need be to the 5mm, but changing they needles on that sweater takes me that much farther to ever getting around to finishing it.

Today was the day to take down all the Christmas lights, un-ziptie the arts and crafts decorations from  Christmas 2013 and burn the Christmas Tree.

The remains of the tree

Ryan also got a chance to dig our stump #2.  Loving the new back hoe.  Can't wait to see how many holes we end up with at the end of this summer :)

I also found a couple little Chinese lanterns while I was cleaning out my flower gardens today.

Now it's time for Hockey Knit in Canada (Happy Brithday Ron McLean) and to finish swatch #2. Here's hoping this swatch gets me 16 stitches per 4 inches and I can get this t-shirt started. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Little Lambs everywhere


The lambs at Carolyn's farm are so adorable!  Good timing to stop by for a visit.  Little lambs between 2 weeks old and 5 hours old.

Just 5 hours old
It's amazing to see the 5 hour olds walking around with a good amount of stability.  As Carolyn says "four on the floor" is much easier than two.

What a treat to be able to take pictures and watch the lambs play with each other and learn to feed from the ewe's.

One day old
Headed into the barn
Definitely a treat that most never get to see and enjoy.

When we first went into the barn all the ewes and lambs were "baaa-ing" like crazy.  So loud

Like small kids playing, they lambs were trying to climb the walls and trying to lick everything in sight.  Watching them all fighting for wall space was funny.

Have you ever seen a cuter, fuzzier face?

When the ewes were being fed the lambs ran around, springing from their cute little legs.  Note the lamb in the middle of the picture with two legs clear off the ground.  

Another behaviour observation that is tricky to notice in the pictures is how close the lambs stay to their momma's.  They definitely know who is there to feed and care for them.


Such a pretty face!

Play time is over.  Now it's cuddle time

Taking a break and basking in the beam of sun through the barn windows.

 Final parting glances from one of the dog sheep outside enjoying the Spring sunshine.

What a great morning.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Memmercorp on Ravelry comes through

A couple days ago I was desperately searching for anyone on Ravelry to sell their stash of Cascade Sierra 80% cotton/20% wool blend, and only one person with this in their stash was willing to part with it.  Unfortunately they didn't have enough for me to finish the lace shirt I want to make.

A little bit of back and forth in private message and they just let me know today they have found an equivalent yarn available through Paradise Fibers.  Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece that is the proper weight and 80% cotton/20% Merino.  EXACTLY what I need, I hope.

I've purchased lots of spinning fibre online, but not yarn.  It seems weird to buy yarn without touching it, but I trust!

3-5 business days and I will be casting on a new Lace T-Shirt from the Knitting Lingerie Style book.  Gina, page 90.  In cotton ball white.