Wednesday, April 23, 2014

YES! I have been knitting

Just when you think all I do is take pictures...

I am definitely still knitting.  I finally picked up little red lady bug buttons for the turquoise baby sweater.  (I haven't put them on yet)

What I have been doing is the Entrelac Blanket and Lacey Tee.

Almost done the second skein of yarn.  Only 3 more to go...BOOOO

As for the Lacey Tee...absolutely loving it.

The lace pattern is super easy, especially with the stitch markers.  Live and learn on lace, after I ripped it out twice and started over. First pattern with lace, so I knew there would be growing pains.

The big debate is what I take to New York City on Saturday to knit?  Something small.  Maybe the sock that I took last time I went to the Big Apple.  I probably haven't done more than two rows since I got back last September.  

Fun with Sparklers

Saturday night was a little cold but it was the first night having a bonfire this season.

Definitely needed a blanket though.  Super starry night, with no clouds to hold the heat in.

Once the sun went down it was time to play with the sparklers.  15 second shutter speed on manual focus with the tripod.

This one is for Emily, who loves love

Still love playing with tracers of light, pretty cool

Frame my face

Two ways to write my with a super sparkler and the other was a bit of a dud but made a more clear outline

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Great food and friends Long Weekend

Thanks to @christianflee for sharing his 50mm f/1.4 lens with me to practice with over the weekend.

What a difference using that lens vs the lens that comes with the Nikon camera kit.

First practice shots were of Sydney, of course.

Then Ryan took a few me

Caught the burrs in the evening sun

The next day I woke up with a blinding migraine.  First one in many many years.  That had me back in bed until 1pm.  Pretty much played catch up for the rest of the day.  The neighbours were having us over for Easter dinner on Saturday and for their family photo shoot, so Deb and I did some evening practicing with the new lens.

And for a sneak peek at how the day of Family Pics is one of the 12 neighbours.  

Thanks to Laura for giving the two thumbs up to share some of her pics.  

It's hard to pick one time during the Sunday that was the best as there were many awesome and funny parts.  Most memorable point where I can say "I have never done that before" was being lifted in the bucket to get a perfect shot of everyone on the balcony.

What a great weekend!