Sunday, August 17, 2014

Havelock Good Times

Day 138:  Havelock Jamboree: Kellie Pickler and Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson was AWESOME.  Knew every song but one and sang along all night.

Day 137:  Spent some time at the Verona Farmers Market catching up with Gina from Gina's Warm and Woolies.  She was rocking the drop spindle and gave us a quick catch up lesson on it.  Needless to say, I will never pick up that piece of wood again to make yarn.  Too fiddly.

Day 136:  My celebration was going to be that I cleaned my office, top to bottom, to be ready to start my work life fresh on Monday, but that was over shadowed by an impromptu Fibre Dye Day.  It was fun, but I definitely forgot how much time it takes to set up, get all the equipment together, soak the fibre and then prep the dyes.

Finished 3 skeins of BFL and two pots of fleece.  Pics to come when it is all dry.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Two weeks ahead of schedule

And here we have it!

The second sleeve.  Unlike the second sock syndrome that even the most avid knitter can suffer from, the option of giving up on the second sleeve, just simply wasn't an option.

I am motivated to finish this sweater before I head to NYC in December.

All I did tonight was cast on 146 stitches to start the front on Saturday.  It's been so long since I worked on the back of this sweater, I forget how long it took.  

I'm just going to have to keep my eye on Dec 6th.  The front and hoodie are all that are left and some seaming.  I can already picture myself wearing this hoodie with a pair of jeans and bright t-shirt underneath and a bright scarf around my neck.  Charcoal goes with everything.

For my daily celebrations:

Day 142: not a day to celebrate.  My work underwent a huge reorganization and many of my friends and peers lost their jobs.  It was a very sad day.   It's times when I don't feel like celebrating, that I need to remember to do it even more.  So the day's celebration is of fond memories and great times and great friends made.

Day 141: Talked to my Nanna for 1/2 hr. It's been too long.  Love never ending.

Day 140: Share a COKE with T.E.I.R.A.  This celebration was a shared day.  One friend made me an awesome pic and the other shared an awesome poem.  It was a great day to be me with great friends.

T is for terrific
E is for exuberant
I is for intelligent
R is for reliable
A is for always how long we will be friends and Algebra (I know why)

Day 139: was today and is a bit of a funny story.  I was in a small town going through the Tim Hortons drive-thru for my morning Steeped Tea, and decided it was a great day to buy the car behind me a coffee.  Not many people wake up and celebrate 13 degrees and cloudy on Aug 14th, so I thought a free coffee would warm them up.  So, I bought my Tea and the coffee behind me and drove to the gas station next door without even looking back to see the expression on the drivers face.

I'm pumping gas and I hear a very timid "excuse me, excuse me".  I turn around to see a lady in her PJ's and sweatshirt standing by the back of my Jeep.  She must drive an electric car or coasted to me on fumes, because it was a super stealth mission.  I didn't hear her approach at all.

She said "Did you just buy my coffee?"  My reply was "I did, if you were the car behind me".

Her response: "I don't understand why you did that".  I explained that I simply wanted to do something nice for a stranger today.  

BEST part....She gave me a really happy smile and said "I panicked when I didn't have to pay, so I paid for the car behind me".  I gave her a big smile and said that is what makes a regular day a great day and thanked her for driving over to me (in her stealth mobile...i didn't say that part, but crap her car is quiet).

Have you done something nice for a stranger lately?  It feels good. You should try it.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

I am knitting!

Although this is a knitting blog, it certainly doesn't feel that way lately.

Apologies to anyone that only wants to see knitting updates.  Knitting is a slow and somewhat boring sport for me to write about every couple of days.

With everything that needs to get done in a day it's tough to knit as much as I would like.  I would say I squeeze in a few rounds at least 5 days a week.  The problem is, I am making a sweater that is Honeycomb cables.  What does that mean?  It's an 8 row pattern repeat with two rows being finicky with every 4 stitches requiring the cable needle.  It's SLOW GOING.

I am making great progress and should be done the second sleeve before my Labour Day goal.

My recent celebrations include:

Day 145:  Stopped by a local Farmers Market and picked up 6 ears of local corn for dinner

Day 144:  Hit the target with my slingshot!

Day 143:  Kingston Sheep Dog Trials at Grass Creek Park

The Sheep herder and their dog have only 25 minutes to bring in two separate flock of sheep, gather them together and then run them as one group through a few gates and down a long stretch of pasture.

Once the "obstacle course" is complete, the 20 sheep are herded into the "shedding area" where the Shepherd and Sheep Dog need to separate 15 ewes from 5 ewes that are collared.  Once the 15 have been "shed", the dog must then herd the remaining 5 sheep into a gated pen.

The first Handler we watched wasn't able to complete the mission in 25 minutes.

The second we watched, Michael Gallagher, was able to complete the sequence of bringing the sheep in, completing the required "obstacle course", shed and penned with 3 minutes and 40 seconds to spare.

After the Sheep Dog Trials, we came home to complete a bit more driveway work.  I can't explain the amount of dust and dirt...

The end....of this weekend