Monday, September 15, 2014

Tomato Harvest on Day 107

Before we get to today's tomato harvest, let's see what I found "celebration worthy" on Day 109 and 108...

Day 109:  Worked on taking last years popcorn off the cobs.

Then went for a 6.5km speed walk.  No puppy.  It was the first time doing that route and I like to know when random dogs are going to charge me on the road, without her there.  Nothing exciting happened except I realized the final 3.5km feel like they are ALL UP HILL.  There is a small dip, which leads to an even bigger incline.  Sure as shit doesn't feel that steep when I am driving.

The night ended with steak dinner being made for me with fresh potatoes from the garden, fresh Caesar Salad with romaine from the garden and grilled tomatoes, again...from the garden.  While dinner was being made for me, I played DJ on YouTube hooked up to the TV through Apple TV.  Everything from George Strait, Bon Jovi, Extreme, Sound Garden, Jewel, Jason Aldean, Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton, Skid Row, Poison, Roseanne name it, I rocked it.  It helped having two bottles of wine.

Day 108:  To start...didn't wake up with a headache.  After the two bottles of wine from Day 109, that's a bit of a mystery.  Spent the whole day doing Fall Clean Up.  Chimney swept out, wood stove vacuumed out, patio furniture put away, lean to cleared out and ready for wood, laundry all done, homemade pizza made with bread maker fresh dough and a fantastic 7km speed walk.

Day 107:  4.9km before work, gorgeous sunny fall morning.  Crisp but fresh!  Now only 22km to go in September to meet my 70km goal.  Totally do-able!  In the evening, it was tomato harvest time.

Laughed when I saw the pics and realized that this tomato harvest is brought to you by Bud Light, Lakeport and Busch Cans

This has to be the fifth or sixth harvest with this many tomatoes.  We had a lesson in moderation for tomato planting.  When in doubt, assume all the plants will thrive and we will have more tomatoes than we have space or time to prep them.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Lots of knitting!

Day 115:  What's up with all the early morning wake up's?  This was a 5am up and at 'em and it's a Sunday!  Super clear morning so I decided to try and take pictures of the Little Dipper.  It's a little blurry, but it's there.  And wow!  The Little Dipper is super little compared to the Big Dipper.  I also caught a shooting star while I was outside.  YEAH!

Then it was play time with the Cousins.  Hanging by the pool (in my hoodie and long pants).  We had to move to the sun by the pool to stay warm.  Fall is definitely in the air.  This is when my knitting was in full force. Thanks to Esther for being a great knitting partner.

Day 114:  It's now Monday and back to work.  With things at work still coming together with our new structure, I am really enjoying my walks at the end of the day,  Today...4.4km with Sydney.

Day 113:  5.1km with a new Blackberry App.  No Sydney this time.  Needed to be able to jog/walk and she's not ready for that.  It would be a struggle and I don't feel like struggling during my relaxing time.  Not today.

Day 112:  Morning walk instead of at the end of day.  It looked like it wanted to pour like crazy, so I got my 4.8km in before work.

Day 111:  4.53km and it's starting to get cold.  15 degrees.  

Day 110:  Got my nails done.

4.53km and it's getting colder.  10 degrees.  Only 33.4km left to go with my 70km goal in September.  Then off to some friends for a few drinks and uninterrupted knitting time.  Totally crushing my goal for this hoodie.  Just need to work up the right shoulder, knit and attach the hood and sew it up.  My goal was Dec 6th.  Can I push it up a month?  

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Cardinal Spotting

Hanging out enjoying an overcast Saturday from the couch, watching movies and making tomato sauce and what flashed by the picture window?

A Cardinal!

The flash of bright red bird caught my eye and I went scrambling for my camera.  I had to switch lenses and check the settings super fast.  This guy is extremely illusive.

By the time I had switched lenses, he was no where to be seen.  I sulked for a minute, then decided to sit on the damp front step and wait.  Maybe he didn't go far.

Then I heard it.  His little chirp, so I glued my eyes on the Apple Tree.  A couple minutes later, there he was!

Definitely my celebration for today.  Day 116.

Day 117:  A caterpillar, a frog and a cricket all inside the back step seeking refuge from the approaching storm.  No way nature...out you go.

Day 118:  4.4km done.  Followed by friends advice and jogged for three hydro poles, walked for three hydro poles until the first 2.2km were done.  Decided in order to prevent a heart attack, I should just speed walk the last 2.2km.

Day 119:  Not a single person was popped in the kisser by me today.  That was the best I could do.  No sleep the night before.  The Sunglass Hut is giving me a huge runaround on replacement sunglasses and UPS lost a tent that I needed for an event this week.  Happy to shut the day down at 8:30 before anyone got hurt.

Day 120:  My knitting partner in crime, Sarah, tagged me in a Facebook post where she found Ryan's Doppleganger on the Wiggles.  It's an amazing resemblance.  Burst out laughing!

Tonight...I knit!