Sunday, September 28, 2014

Day 100 - Day 94

Sadly, Day 100 and Day 99 were a bit of a bust.  Struggled to find anything significant to celebrate...Here's what I came up with.

Day 100: New season of Prime Time TV shows started.  I know...I said it was sad.

Day 99:  Wasp Venom Shot Day...I guess it's a Celebration that I continue to work on my immunization of wasp/bee venom.  Peace of mind is a Celebration.

Day 98:  4.6km on a boring hotel treadmill.  What's funny is the number of times I have stayed there and never knew where the gym even was.  I am determined to keep up my jalking while away.  That's not a form of exercise is mostly walking with a little jogging thrown in to remind me why I don't jog.  Therefore, jalking seems more appropriate than wogging.

Day 97:  4.28 on the stupid treadmill again.  Seriously need to have that machine serviced.  It certainly can't keep time properly.  I literally felt every second of every minute.  Treadmills are SO boring.  But...the celebration of healthier living continues.

Day 96:  3 Shooting stars...Ah, Ah, Ah  Here are the Big and Little Dipper pics I took while I was star gazing.

Big Dipper
Little Dipper

So many stars
Day 95:  This was a big one.  New exercise clothes for fall (including Magic Pants, Ladies...go to Costco and get a 2 pack of Fleece Lined Leggings.  Go now!), new yarn, pumpkin pie from a local street market gardener, fall flowers for the front step, clean windows, clean bathroom, clean clothes, 5km without Sydney, (that has me at 96km for the month, can you believe it?) and finished the night with arm knitting a fun, chunky scarf.  THAT WAS A BIG DAY!

Day 94:  Slow start to the day, but after yesterday...a good sleep in was ok.  Harvested a few more sunflowers.

You know the saying "Green Thumb"?  Great gardeners...not sunflower growers.  See my thumb?  Purple! After rubbing all the flower heads off the sunflower seeds I am left with a purple thumb.

The neighbours stopped by with some amazing corn stalks from the garden so I can start my fall decorating.  Just need a couple straw bales and I can tackle the front step.

Then we were off for a ride on the Glenora Ferry to have lunch at Lake on the Mountain and then picked up Apples in Adolphustown.  Got some serious Hoodie Knitting in on the drive there and back.

My trip to Peterborough/Lindsay this past week was absolutely amazing for colours.  Reds, oranges, name it.  It was absolutely beautiful and guess who left their camera at home.

Monday, September 22, 2014

The Hoodie is Officially a Poncho or Safety Vest

As promised, the Hoodie has finally become something other than a grey square of knitting with honeycomb texture.  It is now a Poncho/Safety vest.  It won't be too long now before it actually looks like a Hoodie.  I am about an inch into the hood and with all the stitches picked up around the neck, each row is 130 stitches.  I've long since abandoned the pattern to follow.

With this many rows of honeycomb, I know I can do it in my sleep.

Day 106: 4.6km in before work.  What a great way to start the day, knowing you have reached a daily goal all before my first cup of tea and a shower!  Another win of the day came after work.  We harvested enough corn to last the winter.  Absolutely delicious corn too.

Day 105:  6.7km after work and is it bad that I also celebrated BACON!  I love bacon.  BLT's on the menu for dinner.

Day 104: 6.8km after work and my first Bubble Bath of the Fall/Winter season.  WHAT???? No bubble bath soap?  Situation Critical!  I also finished the front of the Huggable Hoodie.  Big win from a knitting perspective.  The end is in sight.  I really need to think about what's next?  Quick and easy Christmas presents I think, but what?

Day 103:  It was a Big Day for work, and that's OK.  Although these celebrations are supposed to be non-work related, fun days at work can be good too.  I did manage to meet my goal of getting all the wood off the lawn and under the lean-to ready for winter.

Day 102:  Started the day a little blue.  Had a golf date with one of my favourite people, but she had a rough night at work and we need to reschedule.  Not to be defeated on celebrations, the day went well, just in a different direction.  Got in 6.8km with Sydney.  The 6.8km was great, but taking Sydney proved to be a challenge.  She sucks on the leash.  No doubt my fault for not working with her more on it when she was younger.  She LOVES to run and pull, so a controlled pace is a challenge for both of us.  A couple times I considered leaving her tethered to a tree and would go back for her with my Jeep, but I didn't.  We made it, and boy did she sleep.  With all the pulling, her back legs were so tired, she couldn't keep her balance on the couch and fell over.  Love it

Day 101:  7.2km without Sydney.  The knitting progress in the pics above is also a big win for today. Here are a couple glimpses into what I see on my speed walks.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Tomato Harvest on Day 107

Before we get to today's tomato harvest, let's see what I found "celebration worthy" on Day 109 and 108...

Day 109:  Worked on taking last years popcorn off the cobs.

Then went for a 6.5km speed walk.  No puppy.  It was the first time doing that route and I like to know when random dogs are going to charge me on the road, without her there.  Nothing exciting happened except I realized the final 3.5km feel like they are ALL UP HILL.  There is a small dip, which leads to an even bigger incline.  Sure as shit doesn't feel that steep when I am driving.

The night ended with steak dinner being made for me with fresh potatoes from the garden, fresh Caesar Salad with romaine from the garden and grilled tomatoes, again...from the garden.  While dinner was being made for me, I played DJ on YouTube hooked up to the TV through Apple TV.  Everything from George Strait, Bon Jovi, Extreme, Sound Garden, Jewel, Jason Aldean, Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton, Skid Row, Poison, Roseanne name it, I rocked it.  It helped having two bottles of wine.

Day 108:  To start...didn't wake up with a headache.  After the two bottles of wine from Day 109, that's a bit of a mystery.  Spent the whole day doing Fall Clean Up.  Chimney swept out, wood stove vacuumed out, patio furniture put away, lean to cleared out and ready for wood, laundry all done, homemade pizza made with bread maker fresh dough and a fantastic 7km speed walk.

Day 107:  4.9km before work, gorgeous sunny fall morning.  Crisp but fresh!  Now only 22km to go in September to meet my 70km goal.  Totally do-able!  In the evening, it was tomato harvest time.

Laughed when I saw the pics and realized that this tomato harvest is brought to you by Bud Light, Lakeport and Busch Cans

This has to be the fifth or sixth harvest with this many tomatoes.  We had a lesson in moderation for tomato planting.  When in doubt, assume all the plants will thrive and we will have more tomatoes than we have space or time to prep them.