Friday, March 8, 2013

Meet Nicole

This is the funniest interview yet.

I "met" Nicole, President of Darn Good Yarn a year or so ago when I stumbled across her Online Website with her Blog and YouTube videos.  It was one of those Sunday's where I found myself catching up on most of her video's online.  One ran into another, and before I knew it, I felt like I already knew her.

Nicole runs a successful business from her home, Darn Good Yarn.

She has an amazing spirit and business sense.  It's not just an online yarn business, but her yarn sales are providing employment to impoverished women and their children in Nepal and India.  She specializes in Reclaimed Sari Silk, yarn and ribbons.

Nicole says it best...she wants to not just sell amazing fibre, but to also help make a difference in the world...and she is doing just that.

The funniest part of the this interview is how it all came to be.  She sent me an email a couple weeks ago to test a link on her site and I did.  From there a quick little conversation came to be.  I shared with her a link to my blog, and even with her crazy schedule, she took time to read it and send me a quick note.  By the way...Nancy, if you are reading this, she loves the pics of your alpaca's.

Back to my story... so last night, Nicole started to follow me on Twitter and used the Hashtag #FF.  ( I had to google what that meant...basically Follow Friday, where you encourage others to follow someone ... so that was really fun).  We had a little chat back and forth and I asked if she would interested in participating in my Fibre Friends goes without saying, she was in!

Nicole can be found many ways through social media:

@darngoodyarn on twitter

So I sent her the questions late last night and this morning, in my inbox were links to 2 YouTube videos, each 15 minutes long.  That was the funniest 30 minutes.  I totally didn't expect her to take the time to respond to all the questions, especially not on video.  Her energy and passion for her yarn and her business is totally inspiring.

Not only did she send me two videos, but then consolidated her answers into a 3rd video, 15 minutes,

Get comfy, grab a coffee/tea, a beer or a glass of wine and click the link below to get to know Nicole Snow, President and owner of Darn Good Yarn.

Darn Good Yarn Interview with Nicole.

Can't say thanks enough to Nicole for sharing her time and inviting us into her home for a sneak peek into her life and business in the Fibre Community.  Best of luck in 2013.


  1. thanks! Loved the really feel like you get to know someone when they are live

  2. This was a great video! I am going to check out darngoodyarns :-)